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ISU Student Experience

Blank Park Zoo Connection

Iowa Veterinary Specialties has partnered with Des Moines' Blank Park Zoo for many years. This collaboration between Iowa Veterinary Specialties' specialty doctors and the veterinarians at the Blank Park Zoo has helped diagnose and treat various species of animals. Using our advanced imaging diagnostics, as well as our non-invasive surgical methods, many of Blank Park Zoo's cherished animals have received potentially life saving care at Iowa Veterinary Specialties.

Francis the Tortoise

read more >   Published on June 6, 2014.

Addy the sea lion's dangerous savings account!
Addy the sea lion, one of Blank Park Zoo's most beloved animals, makes a visit to Iowa Veterinary Specialties after eating pennies. But that's not all we found...
read more >   Published on July 20, 2015.

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Addy the sea lion's dangerous savings account!

Addy the sea lion lets her curiosity get the best of her read more >

ISU Student Experience Begins

Iowa Veterinary Specialties' Student Experience programs, allows vet students as well as vet tech students to gain real life experience with emergency and specialty medicine. read more >