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Bosco is a 6 and ½ year old Great Dane who suddenly became sick in early January. He started vomiting and became very lethargic. When he was 1 year old he had a twisted stomach (GDV) that was fixed with surgery at a local Veterinary Teaching Hospital. He was taken to his local veterinarian who took x-rays and was concerned that Bosco may have twisted his stomach again. She recommended that Bosco be taken immediately to the Emergency Department at Iowa Veterinary Specialties.

When Bosco arrived at the Emergency Department he was immediately examined by the IVS attending doctor. His abdomen was very painful and his heart rate was very rapid. A review of the x-rays that had been taken showed gas in the stomach and intestines. There was concern that there may be something else occurring and recommended an ultrasound of Bosco’s abdomen.

The ultrasound was performed by IVS Internal Medicine department. The stomach and intestines were very distended with gas and fluid. It was also noted that there was minimal movement of the intestines. Given the x-ray and ultrasound findings Internal Medicine was concerned that Bosco may have twisted his intestines and recommended immediate exploratory surgery.

Bosco was quickly taken to surgery. Upon entering the abdomen it was discovered that Bosco’s colon had twisted cutting off the blood supply.The IVS surgeon was able to recognize and correct this very unusual and rare problem. The colon was un-twisted and sutured it to the body wall so that it would not twist again. Once the colon was untwisted it appeared very healthy.

Bosco was transferred back to the Emergency Department following surgery.Under the watchful eye of the skilled IVS emergency doctors Bosco had a rapid and uneventful recovery. Two days following surgery he was eating, having normal bowel movements, and he was up and moving around. He was discharged at that time.

Bosco returned to Iowa Veterinary Specialties two weeks after surgery to have his skin staples removed.His incision looked great and all of his staples were removed. His owner reported that Bosco was doing all of his normal activities at home. Thanks to the care provided by the specialists and emergency doctors at IVS we are pleased that Bosco is able to continue to play and enjoy life with his owner.


Published on October 4, 2016

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