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Veterinary Diagnostic Lab and ClinPath Submission forms

Iowa Veterinary Specialties is proud to offer your practice "An Easier Path." Iowa Veterinary Specialties will pick up your patient’s sample, and deliver to Iowa State University’s Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory or Clinical Pathology Laboratory. This service is provided at no extra cost to your practice.

You can download and print the appropriate form here to be included with your specimen for delivery to Iowa State University. Please use the correct form for your sample. If you need additional information about which form to use, please contact Iowa State University's Veterinary Diagnostic Lab at 1-515-294-1950 or visit http://vetmed.iastate.edu/veterinary-diagnostic-laboratory-vdl/forms.Clinical Pathology can be reached at 1-515-294-0597 or http://vetmed.iastate.edu/vpath/pathology-diagnostic-services.

*ClinPath Submission forms may be submitted online once your practice has been registered at the above website. ALWAYS include 2 copies of the completed forms regardless if submitted online or if filled out manually. This is to insure the sample is properly labeled in case of a submission error, and for Iowa Veterinary Specialties to keep in our transportation records.

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Veterinary Diagnostic Lab Submission Forms

Companion Animal Testing Submission Form

Rabies Testing Submission Form

ClinPath Lab Submission Forms

ClinPath Submission Form

Histopathology Submission Form

Ocular Histopathology Submission Form

Molecular Pathology Submission Form

Parasitology Submission Form

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