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Veterinary Dentistry

Dental care for your pet is very important. Brushing your pet's teeth is the best way to prevent the build up of calculus, or tartar, on your pet's teeth. By daily brushing you can prevent the build up of plaque that will eventually harden, forming the calculus on your pet's teeth.

Talk to your pet's primary veterinarian if dental prophylaxis, or a dental cleaning, is needed for your pet. Having a professional dental cleaning is the safest way to remove calculus from your pet's teeth. Your veterinarian may also take dental x-rays of your pet's mouth to make sure there are no hidden infections, masses, or other irregularities. The American Veterinary Dental College (AVDC) recommends pets to be sedated during dental cleanings. Anesthesia-free dental cleanings can be very harmful for your pets. For more information about Anesthesia free dental cleanings, visit this website the AVDC has created to inform yourself on the risks involved with these types of cleanings.

Diplomates of the American Veterinary Dental College, are trained veterinary dentists that can perform several different treatments, based on the need of your pet. T

Some of the services provided are as follows:

  • Periodontal Therapy - Professional prophylaxis/cleaning as well as open and closed root planing and guided tissue regeneration.
  • Oral Surgery - Complex surgical extractions, oronasal fistula repair, oral mass biopsy, cleft palate repair, maxillectomy, mandibulectomy and jaw fracture repair with state of the art techniques.
  • Prosthodontics - The placement of a full metal or tooth colored crown ("caps") to return function to the dentition and protect worn or cracked teeth.
  • Restoratives - Cavity preparation and placement of a composite to prevent further tooth decay. We also treat enamel defects, like hypoplasia.
  • Orthodontics - The movement of teeth to correct a malocclusion. This gives the patient a pain free and functional bite. All orthodontic cases include genetic counseling.
  • Endodontics - Root canals are typically performed on fractured or discolored teeth. There are many alternatives that save teeth which would otherwise be extracted.


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