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ISU Student Experience

Amanda Jondle

Amanda Jondle is a second year veterinary student at Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine.  She grew up in Marion, IA and received her bachelors from Union College in Lincoln, NE.  Amanda and her husband now live in Ames with their 2 dogs - Bentley and Elenor, and 3 cats - Oliver, Ralphie, and Adaline.

"I really enjoyed the mentorship program at IVS and I'm really grateful that I was chosen to be a part of it. Everyone was very welcoming. The doctors are awesome, they took the time to explain the cases to me and answer any questions I had. The technicians are such a great team, they really taught me a lot about patient care and all the technical aspects of emergency and specialty medicine. All the rest of the staff were great as well. I learned so much about emergency medicine and the specialties during my 8 weeks at IVS and I enjoyed every minute of it! It really is so much different than general day practice and it has really broadened my horizons and interests! I was able to see some interesting cases that we talked about in class and now have real life cases and scenarios to refer to during the rest of vet school. "

Gastric dilatation volvulus from ivsdsm


"All the Vet techs and receptionists were nothing but phenomenal and soooo understanding!"

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