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Success Stories


Yadi is a French Bulldog puppy who had a vaccine reaction (which can happen to some dogs) and started vomiting and having loose stools. She stayed overnight on IV fluids and meds. The next morning, she was feeling and looking great! 

Jade and Kitties

Jade came into the Emergency Department after having one kitten with no further progress for almost 12 hours. It was determined that she wasn’t going to be able to have the rest of the kittens on her own and needed a C-section. 3 more kittens were delivered through surgery. Everyone rushed to warm them and get them breathing on their own. They were put in an incubator for continued warmth until Jade could be with them. Jade recovered well and got to go home to be mom to 4 healthy kittens!!! 


Harley is a 7 year old Cocker Spaniel. He was hospitalized with severe anemia and low platelets (which help blood to clot). He had a blood transfusion, which used blood that was collected from our Canine Blood Bank blood donors, to help replenish the red blood cells and platelets. After the transfusion, Harley began to improve and after another day in the hospital, he was well enough to go home! 


After being hospitalized for 6 days with severe pancreatitis, Mickey was finally able to go home!!!


Benny is a 10 year old lab mix who was diagnosed with bone cancer in his front left leg. His leg was amputated to help control the pain the cancer was causing. He has been getting chemotherapy since August of 2015. Benny has been doing great and had his last chemotherapy treatment yesterday! Congratulations, Benny!



This little superhero is Pocoyo. Pocoyo is a cavachon puppy (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Bichon Frise mix) who fell down some stairs. He is one lucky pup because he didn’t have any broken bones or other injuries, so he must be a superhero! After a day of monitoring his progress, Dr. Gearhart determined Pocoyo was now doing well and was able to go home!  


Roxie is a super cute French Bulldog who came to IVS to see one of our dental specialists Dr. Scott MacGee. Dr. MacGee found that Roxie had a small jaw fracture. A splint was put in to stabilize the jaw fracture so it could heal. This worked pretty well for Roxie until she somehow broke the splint a month later. Instead of replacing the splint, Dr. MacGee found that the broken jaw had almost healed. He decided to let the jaw complete healing on its own. You would never know that anything was wrong with Roxie because she is always all licks and butt wiggles. She is now doing great!


Tater came in for his 4 week recheck after undergoing back surgery. He has shown great progress and can now be physically active for long periods of time without getting tired. One of the things we love about Tater is that the entire time he has been recovering (even while in the hospital) he’s always a happy and spirited dog!


Teddy is a lovable 11 week-old Shih Tzu that came to see us this morning for eating his grandma’s earring. Abdominal x-rays were taken to confirm that the earring was in the stomach, and then vomiting was induced to see if he could get the earring back up on his own. Teddy was successful in vomiting the earring back up, and he is doing great now!!

"All the Vet techs and receptionists were nothing but phenomenal and soooo understanding!"

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