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Veterinary 24 Hour Emergency

Iowa Veterinary Specialties is a 24- hour hospital that provides emergency care to animals in need. We have a team of highly skilled and compassionate emergency veterinarians and technicians available at any hour of the day. If at any time you feel your pet needs to be evaluated please contact our hospital and bring your pet in to be seen.

Angela Gearhart
Gearhart, Medical Director
Angela Gearhart
Gearhart, DVM
Kevin Pottorff
Pottorff, DVM
Julie Riha
Riha, DVM
Shelby Mangus
Mangus, DVM
Abbey Rupiper
Rupiper, DVM
Joseph Nitcher
Nitcher, DVM
Courtney Blake
Blake, DVM
Lena Ribbey
Ribbey, DVM
Shannon McMurray
McMurray, DVM
Heather Quinn
Quinn, DVM
Brittany Hoyt
Hoyt, DVM

Your pet will be treated as soon as possible, on a triage basis, which means cases will be prioritized according to severity of illness. Every effort will be made to assure your pet's comfort and safety while awaiting treatment. Please call Iowa Veterinary Specialties (515) 280-3051 prior to arrival (if possible) to allow our staff to be prepared for your pet's arrival.

Your regular veterinarian however should treat an illness that is routine or non emergent. Services such as vaccinations, worming, neutering, are not performed at Iowa Veterinary Specialties.  

Common Symptoms

- Vomiting or diarrhea - Lameness (limping)
- Coughing - Seizure activity
- Sneezing - Prolonged labor
- Pale gums - Suspected poisoning
- Abnormal or labored breathing - Bleeding
- Excessive thirst - Injury
- Excessive urination - Bloating
- Straining to urinate - Hit by Car
- Nasal discharge - Facial swelling and/or hives
-Trauma  -Wound/ Laceration


Note: The above are common symptoms that may require emergency care. The list is NOT all inclusive and doesn't list all of the possible emergency symptoms. If at any time you feel your pet needs to be evaluated please contact our hospital at (515) 280-3051 and bring your pet in to be seen.

Use Caution!

If your pet is injured or in pain it is possible that your loved one may not be themselves and try to bite. This is a common reaction to pain and you should take caution in handling your pet for both your saftey and the safety of your pet.

If you have questions on how to handle your injured pet please call (515) 280-3051 and we can provide instruction to limit the risks for both you and your pet.


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