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For Pet Owners

Our Commitment to You

It is our deepest honor and privilege to take care of your pet.  At IVS we hold this responsibility in the highest regard. Your pet is our passion and that reflects in everything we do. We will use our combined knowledge, skills, and resources to improve the health of your pet. We will practice in a manner that always reflects our deepest respect and compassion for your pet. This is our work, this is our passion. This is our commitment to you.

Daily Communication

While your pet is at IVS and we will do everything possible to communicate effectively with you on  a daily basis through discussions with our staff as well as personal phone calls by our doctors and technicians.

If at anytime you have not received needed information concerning your pet, please contact us at crc@ivsdsm.com. You may also call our Community Care Coordinator, Jamie Scott, and/or our Hospital Administrator at any time at (515) 280-3100.

Visits to IVS

At IVS we are extremely proud of our hospital and the care we provide in it. We welcome and encourage visits from our pet owners and extend a heartfelt welcome to all our pet owners while your loved one is in our hospital. We will try to accommodate a visit from you at all times possible as we know how important your pet is to you. Sometimes however, we may limit visits for your pet's own healing and recovery or for emergencies taking place.

If you would like to visit your pet while they are in our care do not hestiate to make us aware as your pet would like to see you!

Hospitalization Comforts

Every patient in our care receives padded bedding such as quilts, blankets, and comforters. With certain conditions patients also will have circulating warm water blankets, bair huggers, and pillow props. If your pet has a special blanket, toy, or pillow, you are welcome to bring that to make his/her stay as much like home as possible. Our only caution to you is that the hospital can get very busy and with many patients, blankets, and toys items can get misplaced and/or lost. Please consider this when bringing in special items.

While in our care our patients have a doctor prescribed diet specifically for their condition but if your pet has a favorite treat you are welcome to bring that for him/her as long as it does not interfere with the treatment/ healing process.

Thank You

At IVS we wish all pets happy and health lives. When however a pet is in need, we hope that we are given the chance to make them healthy once again. Our caring doctors, technicians, and staff are dedicated to ensuring the comfort and well being of your pet. Thank you for allowing IVS to take care of your pet.

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