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ISU Student Experience

Elizabeth Garlock


Elizabeth, or Liz, is a former U.S. Navy, Aviation Electronics Technician, from Colorado.  She just completed her second year of veterinary school at Iowa State School of Veterinary Medicine.  She plans to specialize in either small animal surgery or ophthalmology, and is also interested in equine medicine.  Liz and her husband, Eric, have one giant dog, a mastiff named Sofia and two cats named Scoupe and Meiko.

"On my experience this summer:  I did not have a lot of clinical experience coming into this mentorship program and wasn't quite sure what to expect.  I found the entire staff to be extremely accommodating, patient and willing to spend time teaching the students not only how to do things, but why as well.  Experiencing points lectured on in class drove those lessons home and really brought about a new level of understanding of the profession.   I was able to observe everyday interactions with clients, learn about all the factors needed to make a hospital run well, spend time as a technician to fully understand the value they can bring to a clinic and much more.  In all, I would highly recommend this mentorship program or a rotation at IVS to all students at ISU CVM."

Feline Pneumonia from ivsdsm


"All the Vet techs and receptionists were nothing but phenomenal and soooo understanding!"

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