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 Today Ollie turned 9 and it wouldn't be possible without you guys. We are so thankful and are forever grateful. Here is Ollie after getting some ice cream!

Thanks so much,

Don & Haylee 







Wahly is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppy who came in to IVS because he was lethargic and not wanting to eat. His bloodwork showed that he had elevated kidney values, which can be an indicator of leptospirosis, among other things, so a blood sample was sent out to be tested. It returned positive. 
Leptospirosis (lepto) is a bacteria that can be transmitted between animals and humans. A pet can become infected with lepto by drinking from standing water, coming in contact with urine from an infected animal, or by consuming an animal that has lepto. 
The leptospirosis was causing Wahly’s kidney’s to fail. He needed around-the-clock care to help improve his condition. After 5 days of hospitalization, Wahly was well enough to go home!  
After a few days, Wahly and his family surprised us with some yummy “Wahly” cookies! 


Miss Mags was hit by a car on 5/1/14 and was rushed to IVS with life threatening injuries consisting of a broken rib, punctured lung, internal bleeding and fractured teeth. I honestly did not expect her to survive the trip. We called ahead and we're met at the door and they took her to the back. 2-1/2 days later she came home. She's a little slow but already barking at the mailman and pizza guy. Unbelievable. Thanks to everyone at IVS for everything you did to keep Miss Mags as a resident of Des Moines. I am glad we chose to bring her there.




Smokey Joe





Dr. Olsen and Albert

Big thank you to the staff for taking care of ALBERT! He is back to his fun-loving personality and we couldn't be more grateful! ~Tina Hadden










Thank you IVS for taking such good care of our Fiona. She is doing so much better tonight! She has curled her enormous self up on our bed and is happily taking up all the room. Thank you, thank you, thank you!  ~Betsy Pearson








Thank you for taking such good care of Mina for Josh and I. You guys took such good care of her, and I knew she was in great hands! ~Celeste Brighton










Pepper made it home and is all back to her cuddly self! A big thanks to IVS for taking care of her and making sure she was okay 

~Kelly Anderson










I brought our 9 year old Maine Coon Izzy to IVS yesterday. I was so impressed with their spectacular care. Izzy is a beloved member of our family and she was treated with professionalism and the utmost kindness by the staff there. They didn't just put up with my constant calls every hour and a half, but texted and sent pictures of our sweet girl - who grew a little grumpy as she started to feel a little better and less patient with her surroundings. IVS isn't a place any of us want to take our pets, but it's a hospital where we can entrust or furry family members when needed. Thanks to the wonderful staff members at IVS!    ~Pam Cullen


I am sending this from Tanner and I to thank you all for the great care and concern you took with this special guy several months ago..... In a 14 year old dog every moment of sickness is serious to we owners and you all made it easier and helped Tanner bounce right back!

The picture above is of Tanner just 10 days ago at the Dock Dogs WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS!!! Not only was he the OLDEST dog that earned an invite, he also placed 10th in the World in the Legend division!

My Hall of Famer and I thank you for helping make sure he could compete at worlds for the 3rd time! You all are the best!

-Susan Barnes



Dear Blood Donors,

I apologize I cannot be with all of you this morning for the Blood Bank Brunch, but did want to pass on my many thanks to all those who's pets donated blood.
My Jake, a Brittany Spaniel, got sick in early March. He was 13 1/2 years old and the little love of my life. The only chance for him to survive was a blood transfusion. Jake received two transfusions and I was then able to bring him home. Jake remained on immune blocking medications until May 7th when he passed away in his sleep. 

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for donating blood. I got an additional two months with my Jake. He got to come home, go for walks, lay in the sun, and even make a couple of trips to our family farm where he passed away. He loved it there. He and I have been both given a wonderful gift from you. I will never forget - your generosity will always, always cherish the extra time I had with him.
Many, many thanks,

Rita & Jake




The card reads: Thank you for the additional 18 months you gave Sallie. Your generosity and kindness will not be forgotten. –Jeff and Kristie 









The staff is extremely attentive and caring. I felt 100% confident leaving my cat in the hands of this staff. Amazing people, amazing experience! -Anonymous



"The folks here brought our Golden Retriever (Pal Carlson) back to us. What a great staff!!! If you want the BEST treatment for your animal, THIS IS THE PLACE!!!" -Kent Carlson

It was 3 weeks ago (at about 1:00 am) that we brought Pal to the hospital. Her recovery has been miraculous. She is getting up and walking around on her own now. We are walking over a mile a day without assistance (we hadn't been walking like that BEFORE her seizure attack), and she is absolutely bright-eyed and bushy-tailed! You guys are awesome! -Kent Carlson (3 weeks after Pal left IVS).




I got to meet some really nice people at the Iowa Veterinary Specialties today. They gave me lots of attention and treats that made me very happy. They also told me that I can become a K9 Blood Donor because I have the universal blood type that is needed. Mom told me that I CAN'T lose any weight so I get extra treats which makes me very happy! So that's what mom and dad were talking about when they said I had a vet appointment. :) -Kyra



Chance wanted to say thank you! -Megan Rangel




Teddy and grandma want to thank everyone at Iowa Veterinary Specialties for helping us during our traumatic earring event this morning. We are happy to report that both Teddy and grandma are doing much better tonight. Thank you again for such wonderful care! -Deb






*Thank you so much for taking such good car of my bubbie today! I felt confortable that he was in good hands and would receive only the best care. Thank you for caring for him as much as I do!! -Jackie



We took Cody for a "Fun Dip" in Clear Lake. We heard a "Crunch" and realized Cody was "Good and Plenty" sick. Shelly made us so comfortable and took it all in "Stride". Good thing the doctor was no "DumDum". In fact, he was a "Smartie". Dr. Bolser is a "King Size" veterinarian and the entire staff at the clinic were indeed "Lifesavers"! The boys and I had so much fun writing and creating our card. That was the least we could do for all the awesome treatment we received from IVS. We are so happy to say that Cody just got his staples removed and is good as new! The folks at IVS sure made a difference in the Sherwoods' lives! ~Candace Sherwood

"All the Vet techs and receptionists were nothing but phenomenal and soooo understanding!"

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