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Jake is a very sweet, 13 year-old, golden retriever who has survived multiple surgeries, radiation, and chemotherapy for several different tumors. Jake is a testament to the resilience of dogs and continues to live a happy life because of his owners’ commendable commitment to his well-being. He continues to fight another day and the members of the IVS internal medicine, surgery, and oncology service are all closely watching his recovery and further treatment.



Monday is a 3 year old pit bull who was brought into IVS to see if she could be a blood donor for our Canine Blood Bank. The blood typing test showed that she has a negative blood type and is able to be a donor! 

Monday was rescued from an abandoned apartment and taken to the Chicago Bully Breed Rescue. She was adopted from there by her owner, Erin, in 2009.

Monday has now earned her Canine Good Citizen certification and enjoys going to obedience class. She loves to be spoiled by the IVS staff and likes to sit on the chairs in the doctors’ work station.



Have you ever met a dog who smiles? Well this is Lucy and she smiles anytime you say her name! She came to IVS to see our dermatologist, Dr. Holm, for allergy issues. While she was here, she made this face at least 25 times! Adorable!




We are Now AAHA Accreditation

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Iowa Veterinary Specialties' AAHA Accreditation

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"All the Vet techs and receptionists were nothing but phenomenal and soooo understanding!"

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