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In Memory

PAL. Pal had a wonderful, long life. Her family gave her everything she could ever want and treated her like a princess. She was one of the sweetest dogs we’ve known. Rest in peace, Pal. May 1, 2000 – June 28, 2013.

MADELINE was seen by our Internal Medicine department for several months to manage renal failure and heart issues. She fought very hard and held on for a long time. We got to know her and her owner, Jana, very well and enjoyed seeing them both. These are a few of Jana's favorite memories of Madeline: There are two memories that comfort me the most. The first is how she would sashay into a room and throw herself down on a rug so I could scratch her chin with one hand and rub the base of her tail with the other. She *loved* it! The other is her purr, especially when she nestled into my shoulder (always the left one) and got as close to me as she could. That sound was heaven on Earth. Thank you all for everything you did for Madeline and me last year. -Jana

MACY was first seen at IVS in 2003 when she came in for rear limb lameness. She had TPLO surgery on one leg and ended up needing her other leg operated on a few months later. Macy's recovery went well. She then presented 9 years later in March of 2012 for enlarged lymph nodes and was seen by Dr. Leslie Fox in our oncology department. Diagnostics showed that Macy had lymphoma. Macy fought hard and enjoyed a long, wonderful life and home. She was incredibly sweet and is greatly missed.

TORO would come to IVS weekly for his chemotherapy treatments. While here he would do almost anything for a treat. He knew how to count! Hold up fingers and he would bark that amount of times. He had an amazing personality and will be forever in our thoughts.

BEAR. Words cannot express how saddened we are by the loss of one of our long-term oncology patients, Bear. Bear was diagnosed with bone cancer in December of 2011. After surgery to remove the cancer, he did great for a very long time. He lived almost three years cancer free! Unfortunately, Bear was recently diagnosed with liver cancer. This time the fight was too difficult and Bear lost his battle with cancer. Bear was an amazing dog who had the ability to make everyone smile. We were all blessed to have known him and his family. Bear truly touched our hearts. We’ll miss you, sweet boy.

RIPLEY. We will always remember Ripley. He was very special to our staff and always brought smiles to our faces. Everyone would make sure they got a chance to hold him anytime he came in. We will miss him greatly.

ROMAN. A little over a year after the diagnosis of bone cancer, Roman was put to rest on 12/23/13. Roman always enjoyed coming to his appointments to get treats and love. Having three legs never slowed him down. We will miss his spirit and loving family.

GINGER. We lost one of our long-term patients today. Ginger had been coming to see us for over a year with lymphoma in multiple places in the abdomen. Her mom has taken excellent care of her over the past year. She will be missed greatly!

RUBY. In Memory of Ruby. 2005-2012 Ruby was rescued by her family from a terrier rescue in California. She enjoyed spending time with her housemate Hank, an airedale terrier. Although Hank is 3 times the size of Ruby, she was always the boss. She was a very special dog and is greatly missed.

GUSSIE. Gussie was a long time oncology patient who we became accustomed to seeing every week as she battled lymphoma. She always made us laugh with her reaction to walking in the door. She would shake like a leaf even if she was only here for a brief exam. She was beloved by her family and lived a long, happy life. We will miss seeing her and her wonderful family.

SALLIE. We are very saddened by the loss of one of our long term oncology patients. Sallie was one of the sweetest basset hounds we had ever met. She was loved by all, especially her family. They did everything they could for her including knowing when it was time to say goodbye. She was an amazing dog who will live on in our hearts forever.

MADDIE. We are very saddened by the loss one of our long-term internal medicine patients. Maddie became a regular here after being diagnosed with lymphoma. She beat the odds and was able to hang on and have a good quality of life for 16 months after the diagnosis. She was able to do all her favorite things such as eating and lying on the dock at her family’s lake home in Arkansas. We will miss seeing Maddie and her momma.

GUNNER. Over a year after his diagnosis, Gunner lost his battle with cancer. He had the most loving “momma” who did all she could for him. He was always so full of life and never stopped wagging his tail. Gunner was the most exuberant dog we’ve ever met. We will miss seeing him and his mom every week. We’ll never forget you Gunner.

Yesterday we lost one of our long-time Internal Medicine patients. Daisy had been battling diabetes and Cushing’s disease for a long while. Daisy was truly special. She frequented IVS more than most patients, so we really got to know her. She was so easy to love. She would cry with excitement when she came in the doors to see us, demanding that we hold her. All of the staff made sure they got a chance to show her some love each time. Her name always put a smile on everyone’s face. Daisy had the most amazing pet parents! They did absolutely everything they could for her and they gave her all the love a dog could ever hope for. She will forever hold a piece of our hearts. We’ll miss you always our beloved Daisy.

ELI was a very special, incredibly sweet cat who was a family member to one of our staff members. He lost his battle with lymphoma yesterday. Eli lived a wonderful 15 years with a family who gave him all the love any pet could ever wish for. We will all miss his gentle demeanor and sweet face. Rest in peace, Eli. Your family knows you are watching over them.

JAKE. We are very saddened by the loss of one of our long-term oncology patients. Jake was truly special. He was always ready to give and receive love. Whether he was undergoing chemotherapy treatments, exams, or surgery to remove cancer, nothing ever seemed to bother him. Unfortunately, his cancer returned and this time it was too tough on him. He had an amazing family who knew when it was time to say goodbye. Tuesdays will never be the same without you. We’ll always love you sweet boy.

OZZY was a sweet dog who was loved very much. He was diagnosed with lymphoma and was able to fight it off for almost a year. We enjoyed getting to know him and will greatly miss him and his family.

"All the Vet techs and receptionists were nothing but phenomenal and soooo understanding!"

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