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Pet Epilepsy Tracker App

RCV Pet Epilepsy Tracker App

This app, available on both Apple's App Store, and Google Play, gives the owner of a pet suffering from chronic seizures a better understanding of what is happening to their pet. The app allows owners to track the length and severity of their pet's seizures. It also gives the owner information on what different types of seizures look like, and what you can do when a pet is having a seizure to keep both you and the pet safe. You can set reminders to give medications, and log any medications given during a seizure.

Conveniently, the app will store all of the pet's data that you have entered, convert that information to a PDF, and be able to send that information to your veterinarian. By using this application, your veterinarian can interpret the data you've entered to find any potential triggers for, or patterns in, your pet's seizure activity. The application is free to download, and can provide a wealth of information not only to your veterinarian, but for you as well.

Click here to visit Apple's App Store to get the app, or find it on your phone by searching the App Store for: RVC Pet Epilepsy Tracker App


Click here to visit the Google Play Store to get the app, or find it on your phone by searching Google Play for: RVC Pet Epilepsy Tracker App

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